With my sister & BIL coming in from MN, I have been trying to prep (bare minimum though) for DM’s move and for the out-of-towners. I’ve got some work done already, and a little left to go. Here’s where I stand at saving $$ with guests.

1. Dinner is cooking as we speak. I’m making a huge pot of creamy marinara in the crockpot, I boiled the spaghetti last night, and have pulled some bread out of the freezer for some garlic toast. I tossed in 2 bell peppers and some mushrooms that needed to get out of my fridge, so less food being wasted. OOP = 0!

2. I have tons of portable meals/snack foods on hand for everything from quick sammies (garlic chicken salad, salami, or even bologna), mini cookies, yogurt, granola bars, bananas, apples, and strawberries. Not to mention 6 different kinds of chips. This will make feeding the hungry movers a cinch. And to drink? Bottled water or soda – from the free 2L Coca-Cola/Keelber cookie deal last week.

3. For Friday – I’ve got some great pizza coupons to put to good use, and plenty of stuff we can grill. Provided it would stop raining long enough to do that. Naturally, I count on it raining all weekend. Pizza coupons are taped to the fridge (so I don’t have to find them again).

4. A/C & heat have been off…since last week. Every bit helps.

5. I’ve been getting to work early to post and check the sales online as home computer is very slow and I have little patience. Also, saves me electricity. An unexpected perk. I’m also using work’s electricity to make the marinara. Love it!

6. I did stop by WAGS for the Nivea/Rembrandt free after RR stuff, naturally, they were out of Nivea, but I got the Q’s rolling with Rembrandt. Double bonus? DM needed a backup toothpaste. Checked another item off her list. While I was there, I grabbed a free REDBOX movie. Bedtime Stories was cute, silly, and lighthearted. Exactly what I needed.

Haven't done much other shopping, etc. Though I have been toying with a quick stop at Jewel tonight to use some Muir Glen pdf-style Q's that are expired. According to the signs posted, Jewel stops accepting expired coupons on May 1st! Better use those up while I can. And I have 20 of them!! Cheap tomato paste, here I come!!

So, what have/will you be doing to save? I'd love to hear some fresh ideas!!
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  1. I have not spent a single dollar since returning from my trip Sunday night/Monday morning. That is how I have saved.

  2. Wow - that is impressive!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Sounds like you are doing great.

  4. Sounds like you are doing great. I am A/C free here too. Had to have a repair on it first of the week and decided then I had to save more electric bill money to cover the cost.

  5. Precious Says:

    Wow! You have done some great meal planning for all of this.

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