Even though it was pretty cold outside, 3 degrees, but windchill made it feel like -17, I went out for a quick hounding/couponing run. Grabbed 6 newspapers from Menards (only $1 each there) and popped over to Target for my final 7 boxes of Swiss Miss hot cocoa. Used my last coupons, and grabbed all 7 boxes for $.14 total. $7 worth of coupons spent, and a handful of pennies liberated from the bottom of my purse.

As I was leaving, DH gets a call from his mother - his grandfather's 92nd birthday - they decided to throw a party. Naturally, we find out 2 hours before the party starts. Naturally....not enough time to make a dish to share, I asked DH to grab a bag of chips or box of crackers to contribute and found a birthday card among the stash I still have left from my days working for Factory Card Outlet. OOP for birthday party = $0. Yay! Moments where I wish I could strangle people for not planning ahead....priceless (or should I say countless?). For everything else, there are coupons.

Total $$ spent: $6.14
Saved $$: $10.14 (newspaper and hot cocoa savings)
Coupon Value Redeemed: $7.00
Number of Coupons Used: 7

New Deals: Ultra Foods - BumbleBee tuna = $.38 a can - limit 4
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4 Responses
  1. Amanda Says:

    LMAO at the "countless" comment...I know how those are!

  2. Thanks - got to love those moments with the inlaws! How are you doing?

  3. Precious Says:

    Sometimes last minute parties are the best! Enjoy!

    BTW, you did great on the Swiss Miss.

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