DH & I just got back from our anniversary trip to Milwaukee. For a smallish city, it has some amazing attractions and great shopping stops for foodies. First up, the Milwaukee Public Market: an indoor food market with specialty wines, cheeses, meats, a spice shop, 2 bakeries, organic produce, and several different lunch counters. Thinking ahead to the holidays, I picked up some specialty cheeses (to put out for hors d'oeuvres) and grabbed a small sack of cookies. Next we were off to the Spice House. There I added Indonesian Cinnamon and some fancy toasted onion salt to my spice collection. Next we headed across the street to Usingers Sausage, they've been in business in the same location for over 100 years! An amazing find - chicken sausage with tequila and black bean - $.99 pkg. (20 oz. pkg). Along with BOGOF on the some of their other sausages, we returned home with 5 packages of chicken sausages and brats for less than $8.50!! On our return trip home, we stopped at JellyBelly and bought 5 bags of JellyFlops (the misshapen beans) for $27. Not a bad hounding - some of the jellybeans will go as stocking stuffers for nephews, and for the children of some friends, and split the bags with DM - she's a jellybelly fanatic, too.
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