Another crazy whirlwind weekend! My sister and her family were in town visiting - she's from Minnesota - so we don't get nearly as much time with her as we'd like. When she comes for a visit, she usually has a list of things to do (shopping, culture, entertainment, etc.) on her agenda and this time was no exception.

We made it to Brookfield Zoo - with DH & I spending nothing out of pocket. Yep, no one single cent. Here's how: Meijer offered a deal with the purchase of $15 worth of Meijer brand chips, you get a coupon for 2 free tickets to Brookfield (general admission only). When we finally got there and got parked, someone who was just leaving offered us a handful of tickets, including 2 free Stingray Bay admissions (I got to pet a cownose stingray!!), 3 free Trolley rides, and 4 free Carousel rides! Since we weren't going to use the carousel rides, we gave those to 2 families that had small children. And, we packed our own lunch and bottled water - mostly from deals I had hounded and a deli run to Caputo's the night before. My sister paid for a wagon rental, to pull our cooler, bags/purses, etc. We all had so much fun.

I took a personal day yesterday, to spend more time with my sister - we even had enough time to go through my "Market" (large pantry), and I sent some of my overstock from couponing back with her. Last night, the whole family gathered at a favorite cafe for dinner, and my sisters heads back home today. While I will miss her like cray, I'm definitely ready for some downtime with my hubby - maybe watch some TV and go for our evening walks.

Monday - Went to dinner with my mom, sister, and her family
Tuesday - Tostadas (my latest, easiest replacement for grilled cheese)
Wednesday - 10 Minute Breakfast Wraps, fresh fruit salad, hashbrowns
Thursday - Spaghetti with garden salad and garlic bread
Friday - Chicken and gnocchi soup, sammies
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