Nope, not bed bug - bread bug. I have another odd confession - I love expensive bread. Give it a name in Italian or French, and I'm hungry, ravenous for a taste of that hearty, rich goodness. A friend of mine recently gave me an Amish Friendship bread starter - and I can tell you - I am hooked. I've only made banananut bread before this, so this was a step out of my culinary comfort zone. And a brilliant step it was. Naturally, I added a few little extras to my bread.

What's even better? There are dozens of variations on this bread - that you can make all from the same starter. I've got 2 starters - the first loaf was gone in 2 days....and that was just Dh and myself. It's very simple to make, I've got all the ingredients on hand anyway. It takes 10 days to make, but every ten days, the starter yields 2 loaves of delicious, dessert/fancy bread. Chock full of fruit/nuts, or simple and sweet - I'll take pictures of the next batch - I can't wait to make more bread.

Now, I just need to get brave enough to make some foccacia or a nice, sassy ciabatta. If I can do that, I'll conquer the world - or save a few dollars a month! Either way is fine with me.
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  1. Amiyrah Says:

    Oh honey, if you made friendship bread, foccacia is like going backwards. So easy!

    Welcome to my world...the world of crazy ladies that love to make their own bread. Store bought, expensive or not, won't taste the same.

    P.S.- starters are my secret weapon! no matter what recipe you may follow, adding a bit of your starter will not only make it taste so much better, but make it your own.

  2. Frances Says:

    I LOVE baking bread. Sometimes I "cheat" and use the breadmaker and sometimes it is the old fashioned way. Either way, it is delish!!

  3. I keep reading all these yummy and simple sounding recipes for bread making - I'm going to grab some yeast and give it a try this weekend! It's time to be bold and daring!

  4. I love making bread too! Nothing is as good as warm home made bread.

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