This will be one crazy week! DH & I will be splitting Thanksgiving between our two families, so though we're not hosting the big turkey-day dinner, I'm still making dishes to be included in each feast. My sister will be in from MN, so meals will be sketchy at best, but the best plan for a crazy 4-day, family from out-of-town, Christmas-shopping, bargain-hunting kind of week: be prepared! I'll have a few options of heat and eat kind of meals, to take the guess work out of dinner this week!

Monday - Chicken and cheese sammies on dinner rolls, fresh fruit, chips (and shopping for Thanksgiving dinner - eat before shopping....and spend far less!)

Tuesday - Leftover spaghetti, garlic bread (If I find ravioli in freezer, will top that with marinara instead....need to whittle down the freezer!)

Wednesday - Chicken in a crockpot (whatever chicken and seasoning I find are going in the crockpot - not exactly sure what I'll create!) rice, tortillas/bread, salad

Thursday - Double the family, double the turkey, double the fun!

Friday - Turkey sammies with dried cranberries (my fav!), leftovers

Saturday - DH night to cook (probably pizza...)

Sunday - Dinner out with family (got coupons for Steak & Shake and Arby's, will see if I can score coupons for Sweet Tomatoes.)
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