I've been so tired, overtired, and restless - the idea of making a meal plan this week is funny. I will however, give a list of things I hope to accomplish in the realm of meal-planning:

1. Make at least 2 meals that revolve around bread - I've still got plenty left to work (like 3 loaves for 2 people). Paninis, anyone?

2. Go meatless for dinner at least 1-2 times this week. Not because I want to go vegetarian, simply to use some of the eggs I have (I don't consider eggs to be meat).

3. Dessert of the week: biscotti - I made a pan of them this past week. If I have the time, will make some apple crisp for additional desserting. Don't expect biscotti to last more than 2 more days - the batch yields 35-42 cookies.

4. Stay out of Boston Market. Their chicken is addicting and the coupon for $1 meal has expired. I went there 4 days in a row with that coupon! Better than McD's and with coupon, cheaper, too!

5. For a hearty snack, I'm going to try to keep all the ingredients to make a tasty wrap on hand. Chicken, salad dressing, cheese, and lettuce. Anything else I can include is a bonus. For a mini-meal on the go, will add chips and guac. Hearty and filling! Mental note - must get lettuce...

6. If craving breakfast sammie, will use free game piece from McD's (found on supermarket floor - so free!). This should fill in the gap since I only have 3 yogurts this week, and 4 days left of breakfast to cover before the weekend.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    For an easy dinner that uses bread and eggs, you could make french toast!

    Also, bread pudding. Not sure what all that entails, but it might help use up some of the bread. :)

  2. Precious Says:

    Yum, I love eggs for dinner.

  3. Amanda - Thanks for the idea - that'll be quick and easy!

    If I get brave enough, I'll try a frittata or a quiche. Those just sound so decadent. Let's see how brave I am...

  4. slugmama Says:

    Bread Pudding=easy.
    Check my Meal Plan Monday this week for a recipe link.

    I still have 2.5 dozen eggs left to use up. I'll prolly do a quiche too and some deviled eggs. Those never last long

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