I got a little carried away with the $25/$10 General Mills/Betty Crocker and bought a few dozen boxes of brownie mix, for $.11 per box. While that was a great deal and I will be sharing generously with my friends and family, I decided to challenge myself a little. After all, basic brownies can get a little I'll be putting my spin on them.

One box, One year, and One Woman's Mission!

For 1 year, I will chronicle my adventures in brownie making - all with the help of Betty Crocker. I plan to make 50 different variations on the basic brownie, to showcase what a few basic ingredients can create. Creating great desserts doesn't have to mean spending money on expensive ingredients or toiling for hours in the kitchen.

I'll post a link to each recipe I use, as well as rate the overall recipe idea. My first batch will be Orange Soaked Cranberry Brownies. Why this combination? Because I was inspired when I saw someone soaking cranberries on a Food Network show some weeks ago and thought it was a good idea for some slightly dried out dried cranberries I had and orange juice was on sale this week. I've got tons of ideas for this project - I can't wait to dive in!

Stop by next week to see the latest variation on a basic boxed brownie.
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  1. Precious Says:

    Oh I have all the ingredients for these. They will make a sweet treat for my grandaughter when she visits. Thanks so much for the recipe.

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