It isn't often enough that a deal comes my way that I do a "rinse & repeat" on, but with one this good, I just keep coming back for more.
The basic premise: buy 3 Jello at $.50 each. Use $1.50 off any 2 Jello (grab 3 though, I've heard they don't give overage). Now you're paying only tax for the Jello. Then a $2 OYNO coupon $2 profit off each order. The only downside: you only get 1 $2 OYNO coupon per transaction. I've run more transactions this week than I can count! I have 20 $2 OYNO coupons at home. I'm going to grab more of them today. If you want to sweeten the pot, buy a pkg. of Taco Bell Taco Shells (the crunchy kind) that are 20% off, use a $1.50 off any Taco Bell Dinner Kit coupon and get $.10 back per box! Yep, Dh did that last night and made money.... there's more to him than just good looks and charm! That sweetie has brains, too. My hope is to use the $2 OYNO coupons to help pay for Thanksgiving dinner. Especially since I'm hosting it and having family come in from out-of-town. I'll be at it again tonight, shopping til I drop. I'm hoping to have $50 in coupon-money (I love those OYNO coupons) to use for the holidays. Hmmm....wonder what else I can get for $2 - you'd be amazed how much shopping you can do in ridiculously small increments.
I have added 195 free boxes of Jell-O (to be split with my sister, inlaws, and food pantry), 15 boxes of Taco Bell Crunchy Taco Shells (to be divided between family and food pantry) - for a profit of $.10 per box, 16 jars of salsa (half are mine, half to give away) - $.22 a jar, and ended up with more than $100 in cats by the time the sale was done, plus the miscellaneous $/$$ purchase. Which added in another $30+ in free spending. I also played coupon fairy and gave away enough Jell-O and Taco Bell coupons to people to help them save another $25. I love, love, love coupon-karma!

Well, the count is finally in - I currently have 23 $2 cats, so $46 in shopping for the big Turkey Day. And sis from MN is going to bring potatoes, so scratch another item off the list. Just need the price of canned veggies to go down, grab some yams and egg nog, and find a way to score as free turkey and I'll be pretty much set! This is the year of the hounded holiday!
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