Wow - I'm finally getting a chance to update my monthly totals - it has taken far too long to do this. For November, since I host Thanksgiving, my budget for the month is $250. With the great Jell-O deal, many, many trips were made to Meijer's. The total number of Meijer transactions = 44.
My totals:
Meijer: vs. Other stores:
OOP = $35.2 vs. $166.58
Saved: $312.59 vs. $261.96
Q's = $203.50 vs. $63.40
Qty. = 170 vs. 300
FREE = 197 vs. 37
This month, I'm hoping to just live off the stockpile, I'm allowing myself a list of 12 items to search for a rockbottom on, other than that - only items needed fresh (bread, milk, eggs, produce, yogurt, juice).

For October, here are the totals (my budget was $225 for the month).
OOP = $206.80
Saved = 254.76
Q's = 36.2
Qty = 251
FREE = 36
Not my best month, but I did stay under budget. There were a lot of in-stores sales on generic brands that just couldn't be beat. A favorite: Butera with grat deals like $.99/lb. boneless skinless chicken breast, 5/$1 tomato sauce (house brand), and (house brand) Italian styled diced tomatoes for $.39 can (14.5 oz.)

September's Totals:
It seems my summer/early fall totals are always much lower than the winter totals:
OOP = $179.77
Saved = $380.75
Q's = $129.95
Qty. = 273
FREE = 7
This was a really slow month for FREE, but my resolution is to do better next month. I'm still coming in under budget, but some costs of my basics are rising: the worst one is ground turkey, which I've seen double in price over this time last year. It's now bouncing between $1.19-$1.39 a lb. This is a staple of my diet, but I haven't thought of a way to hound down it's current price. If anyone has an idea, I'm eager for suggestions.
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