Alright, my deal for the week: Jewel-Osco has Wild Harvest Organic products on sale....but to sweeten the deal, there are $1 off any 1 item Q's that are available online.....with no print limit! So, the yummy organic blue corn tortilla chips that are B1G1F ($2.89 each originally) are $.45 a bag! And if you need baby food, at $.59 a jar, it's FREE. You'll get the overage on other stuff on your order, but they will not pay you. I've already discovered this. I have been breaking my order up into 5-8 coupons each and hitting as many Jewels as I can. So far, I've gathered:
8 bags tortilla chips at B1G1F - $2.89 = $.45 per bag
6 boxes whole wheat pasta B1G1F - $2.49 = $.25 per lb.
2 boxes white cheddar mac n cheese 2/$3 = $.50 a box
15 jars baby food $.59 a jar (FREE after Q)
1 bag baby carrots (1 lb.) $1.50 = $.50 after Q
13 jars pinto beans $1.00 = FREE after Q's!
I figured I'd mash up the pinto and have them as bean dip to go with all those tortilla chips! Nothing says Merry Christmas like bean dip and chips! If I could only find some Wild Harvest cheese to complete the ensemble, I'd have nachos on the cheap. At least I know what I'll be bringing for Christmas parties this year....uh, how about some chips 'n' dip? I say, while scratching my head and trying to look nonchalant.
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  1. Sarah Says:

    Nothing like using your printer at home to literally print money, right? I ran out of ink awhile was not a pleasant time ;) We dont have any Jewel-Oscos here. We had Osco at one time, but they were all bought out by CVS :(

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