We didn't get to the roast beef I had planned for Sunday, so I'll be using that in tonight's dinner. For lunches, we have lots of canned soup, salad fixin's, deli-sliced ham for sandwiches, and we often take leftovers to work for lunch, so I have that pretty well covered for the week.

I try to bake one breakfast or dessert a week to round out the meal plan, this week I'm planning to bake some crimson raisin & cinnamon scones. I just love how easy and versatile scones are - they pop up at leat once a month in my house! I like to eat them for breakfast, hubby prefers them as a dessert or snack.

Monday: Thin sliced roast beef over potatoes with a mushroom gravy, salad
Tuesday: Fancy French Toast, pepper and cheddar frittata, apple slices
Wednesday: Ground turkey tacos, beans, and rice
Thursday: Roast beef and provolone paninis, summer salad, grapes
Friday: DH's making pizza!
Saturday: DH's grilling
Sunday: Dinner at Nuevo Leon in the city - best enchiladas ever! (and it's super affordable - less than $6.00 a plate!) We'll be at Navy Pier for the Tall Ships Festival - I love the tall ships.

Breakfast for the week: Cereal (we have more than 12 varities on hand), yogurt, toast, fruit, and granola bars.

Dessert of the week: Crimson Raisin & Cinnamon Scones
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