I've been talking about my coupon organizer, and here it is. This is COOP, here it's folded up to look like an oversized clutch, fits great in the purple Earthbound Organic bag many of us have, and is an absolute dream for organizing my coupons. The top picture is COOP folded into a clutch. The next picture is of COOP partially opened, the last picture is of COOP - ready for coupons.
COOP has 12 pockets, sized specifically for coupons and was designed by a hound-in-training. After witnessing the organizationally-challenged hound trying to get her tail in gear for hounding, my mother designed this organizer that would be functional, portable, and cute. COOP is even designed to hang on a hook as a small home decoration, and can tie behind your car seat to maximize on space. This has been such an amazing time-saver and organizer for me. COOP is even washable! Tell me what you think!

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