I spotted a few deals last Friday - specifically at Jewel-Osco. I found a coupon online for $6 off any purchase of "The Other White Meat" when you bought Kraft BBQ sauce (on sale for $.79 a bottle), a Coke product (on sale for $.88), and a bag of charcoal - which we needed anyway. Porkchops and roasts were $1.79 a lb. - a little high for me typically, but with $6 off, it made it easier to swallow. Ran 2 separate transactions, total OOP for 3.1 lbs. of porkchops, 3.4 lb. pork roast, 2 bags (18 lb.) Kingsford charcoal, 2 2L Cherry Coke, and a 2L Dr. Pepper (peelie for $.55 off) came to $23.47. Saving of $36.08. I think I can live with that.
My next deal (tonight) is at Meijer. The promotion is for 120 boxtops for education when you buy 15 boxtops products. After printing out all my Q's, I think I'm ready. I've got enough coupons lined up for 2-3 transactions, and heard (on HCW) about a catalina for $2 OYNO that prints wyb 4 Toaster Streudels.
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