I've become emboldened by the chatter on the pound, and did some searching for specific coupons yesterday, and after my 5th try, I hit the jackpot. Vlasic brand relish was on sale at Ultra-Foods, a small IL & IN chain that often has good deals. Well, I was on a mission to see what could be bought for free, as Ultra was having a 12 for $10 sale. got out my calculator, that comes to $.84 per item and it included eggs, bread, condiments, Pringles, Chef Boardee - 2 pages of their ad was devoted to this sale! Well, that was a good deal on eggs in my book, so I figured if I'm going there for eggs, let me see what else I can find for FREE - or at least really cheap. My vlasic coupon was for $1.00 off any pickle, relish, etc. so I grabbed 5 jars of relish (potato salad anyone?) for.....FREE! I love free, it's my favorite price. Here's how the trip went:

5 jars Vlasic relish - $.84 -$.84 Q = Free
4 dozen eggs at $.84 each
1 loaf French bread $.99
1 pkg. Little Debbie $.84
2 2Liters Dr. Pepper $.84 each
1 bag Malt-0-Meal cereal $1.99 - $1 off Q = $.99
2 1lb. pkgs. Bar-S smoked sausage -$.25 Q off each
OOP = $11.34
Savings = $18.65
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