I snagged a great deal at WAGS yesterday. They had Bic pens (8 pk.) 2/$1. Online and in the Sunday inserts there was a coupon for $1/2. That was great, FREE pens. They also had Hershey's Bliss chocolates on sale $3 a bag, with in store coupon of $2/2 bags, plus manufacturers coupon of $1 a bag. Total = $1 a bag. So I walked out happy with 4 bags of chocolates and 12 pkgs. of pens for.....$4.61. I'll put most of the chocolates away for Christmas stocking stuffers. I still have 4 coupons left for the chocolates, so if I have time on my way home from work, I'll pick up some more (didn't want to be too greedy the first time through).
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