My last trip to Meijer's was amazing, the self-checkout register actually paid me to shop! Here's a breakdown of what I got and how this happened. (most of it was off the 10 for 10, get the 11th item FREE Sale).
7 pkgs. Bar-S bun-sized hot dogs - $1 each -$.25 Q for each (printable - manufacturer website)
9 jars Meijer brand pasta sauce - $1 each -$.50 Q for each (from Meijer mealbox)
3 pkgs. Meijer Organic mushrooms - $1 each - $.50 Q for each (Meijer mealbox)
7 boxes Rice-A-Roni chicken rice - $1 each - $.50 Q for each ( printable)
1 pkg. premade veal patties - $1 each (no coupon)
3 pkgs. Betty Crocker Pizza Crust mix $.89 each (no coupon, it's cheaper than premade crust)
1 small purse (beach tote) - $3.74 (clearance from $14.99)
2 pkgs. Velcro Dots (craft project) - $2.12 each
1 pkg. Tie Wraps (craft project) $.99 each
2 bags Dove chocolates $2.00 each (BOGOFree Q)

-$5/$25 purchase
-$3 off your next order (OYNO)
-$20 OYNO (brought in coupon with prescription for that)
Total = -$1.38
They paid me $1.38 to take all that stuff! Can you believe it?!?!?!

I had to come up with some way to use the pasta sauce (veal parmesan, pizza sauce, etc.) since I make my own pasta sauce from scratch. Will be giving much of this stuff to family members, or will donate what isn't needed.
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