I'm planning a quick hounding tomorrow at WAGS (Walgreens for short). I have oodles of coupons for $1/any 2 BIC stationery items, and BIC pens are 2/$1. I smell (picture bassett hound with it's nose in the air, sniffing for the scent) FREE! Also they have Hershey's Bliss chocolates on sale, which I have some $1 off Q's for. On sale 2/$4, minus $1 off = $1 a bag. Great deal on Christmas stocking stuffers. My favorite gifts to give are gift baskets - I just love doing baskets of little things people need/enjoy/love/can use. Christmas stockings and Easter baskets are some all time favorites for me. I'm going to check their website and see if I missed anything good, check back with ya later-
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