Cherry-picking is a time honored profession, one to which I was born. A cherry-picker is someone that goes into a store (any store) and buys only what is on sale. Last night was triple stop cherry pick for me. I started off at Dominicks (Safeway to most of you) for their deal on boneless rib-eyes. Also noticed tons of mark-downs throughout the store, probably because there were so few shoppers. We only noticed 2 other shoppers during our stop and the register was manned by the store manager. More on that later.....
Next we stopped at Jewel, another quick cherry-pick. Yogurt on sale 10 for $6 with a $1/any 4. Will try to find that coupon again, think I found on someone's blog and printed off 2 (the limit), then had DH print off 2 more from his job. The coupon is good til 10/14/2008, so this will be fabulous for hounding.
Finally, decided to wrap it up with Caputo's and more $.99 lb. brats, some tortillas (A staple in my house), and some chips.
Here's how my totals breakdown:
8 Safeway pudding at $.22 each = $1.76
7.25 lbs. rib eyes @ $1.99/lb. = 14.44
Total (including tax) = 16.48
Saved = $23.35 or 59%

Jewel (2 separate transactions)
4 Yoplait yogurt = $2.40
$1/any 4 Q - $1
Total OOP = $1.44
Savings $1.76

6 lbs. brats $5.94
2 bags chips $3.98
1 pkg. tortillas -$1.19
Total = 11.30
Savings = $18.60

Total spent this week = $30.66
Total saved this week = $45.47
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