Last night I decided to give a relatively new store a second chance. Caputo's recently joined our area, it's marketed as an ethnic market/supermarket, with a large variety of ethnic foods. I only went in once before, during the grand opening, and had been less than impressed with their pricing, though the store was neat, clean, bright, and the merchandise plentiful and fresh. On the advice of a friend, I went in last night and was so glad I did! Here's how the shopping went:
12 lbs. brats @ $.99/lb. - $11.88
8 pkgs. gravy mix 2/$1 - $4.00
1 red bell pepper ($.69/lb.) - $.26
2 cloves garlic ($.69/lb.) - $.48
Vidalia Onion ($.79/lb.) - $.54
Cilantro 3/$1 - $.33
Total OOP (including tax) $17.75
Saved $36.36
Percent Savings 67%
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