Dh was listening to the radio on his way into work and every Monday morning there's a coupon lady telling about the deals and steals for the Chicagoland area, and she finally had a deal I could do. She was talking about Dominick's (our version of Safeway) and a deal on Nature Valley granola bars. I absolutely love those bars. Healthier than candy and they taste even better! Yum!
The deal? The boxes were on sale for 2/$5, get $5 off instantly if you bought 5. Okay, not bad but I can do better. Combined with coupons (both Sunday insert and IP) saves me another $2.60. But, wait.....I'm not done yet - a Catalina prints for $3.50 OYNO! Naturally at the first store no Catalina prints, so I think I've done the deal wrong. Nope, at the 2nd Dominick's I went to the Catalina prints just fine so I take that and my receipts (2 of them) from the first store right up to customer service and walk away with $7 cash - the manager didn't know how to print the Catalina, so I just got cash! Total OOP for both Dominick's = $19.71. Then -$3.50 Catalina & -$7 cash gives me and grand total of $9.21 for 15 boxes of granola bars and 4 4lb. bags of sugar. That'll come in handy for the free apples we went picking on our way to Dominick's!
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  1. Melissa Says:

    what channel is this radio show on? i've never heard it! I live in Carpentersville!

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