I am done with all my holiday shopping, Christmas dinner is made, the presents are wrapped....almost all of them anyway. I got surprised by my co-workers today: for Christmas they gave me a big box of Fannie Mae chocolates. As we are mostly women here, the box is nearly half empty. That was a very sweet surprise.
I am lagging behind on my Christmas baking - leaving lemon snowbars, eggnog crunch cookies (need to make a double batch this time), and fudge til the last minute. The good news is the weather has cooperated, sort of. It's snowing so hard that the last thing I want to do is go shopping, go out to eat, or to go anywhere that requires driving period. Might send DH out to grab some mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, and garlic bread so we'll have all the fixin's for a great pizza night in. And he's the one that makes the pizza.

Our Christmas dinner tradition is making pasta (during lean years) or lasagne (during the rather decadent years). Thanks to my fellow grocery hounds, it's a lasagne kind of year! I hounded some beautiful yellow bell peppers ($.59/lb.), cremini mushrooms ($2.29/lb.), and some parmesan cheese (imported from Italy $2.69 a lb.) I hounded the noodles over the summer from Meijer's - got them for nearly nothing. I went meatless this year as the price of ground turkey (my favorite staple) has doubled over this time last year. I even hounded the mozzarella cheese: our local Butera marks down their deli cheese (Yep, the nice big ol' blocks of it) and got it for $2.98 a lb. - what a steal!!!
My DH, DMom, and I made 4 medium sized pans and 5 small pans (that serve 2-3). For the small pans I usually grab disposable loaf pans, but I found a great deal at a dollar store on a 3-pack with lids! Yum-O! No Stouffers lasagne for us....
With so much of the work out of the way, all I have left to do is grab salad mix and garlic bread tomorrow. I managed to cut the cost of our Christmas dinner (as compared to last year) by 39%! I can't tell you how happy I am to live with that. Now, I'm off to see if the office is closing early, and make sure I have all the ingredients for my last round of baking.
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