Well, as my momma always said, "the best laid plans of mice and men...often to go **** in a handbasket!"

The long weekend of the board meeting, it got long - then it got longer, then I ended up going to the immediate care center Saturday afternoon and having a small procedure done. Today is my first day back at work since Saturday and I'm desperately hoping I'm up to par. At my job, if I'm not at 100%, I shouldn't even come in the door - there is no such thing as an easy day, or making small allowances if you're not up to par.

Now that I'm back to work, it's time to get my life back in order. While it was nice to have a few days off of work - next time, I'd prefer not to be recovering when I get some time away. I haven't been out of the house except for work and going to the clinic in 9 days. Wow - that is such a long time!

It's late in the game, but I need to scrounge together a meal-plan, I've been living off my cereal stockpile, with cheese and crackers for my snacks. We have 4 pieces of fruit left, some fresh spinach for salads - yum, and 3 or 4 English muffins. Pickings for tonight's dinner are going to be sparse, but I think I can toss together a spinach salad with dried cranberries, sliced almonds, thin sliced apple, and croutons. Maybe I can make an open faced English muffin sammie with some Swiss and cheddar cheeses melted on top to round out my meal. It's either that or I crack open a can of Tomato Basil soup - I love having ready made soup on hand. I've already used my lazy, new favorite go-to meal: the frittata. That was dinner for Tuesday, and lunch for Wednesday.

For tomorrow, it's dinner with my in-laws, Saturday DH gets to cook, and Sunday...well, I was hoping DH would surprise me with something, but doesn't look like that is going to happen. It'll probably be a favorite restaurant of his, and then back home to watch TV.

I'll be back tomorrow with Valentine's Gifts on a budget!
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  1. Precious Says:

    I sure hope that you are all recovered. You were missed! I am looking forward to your post on buget Valentine gifts.

  2. Virginia Mom Says:

    Ah yes- plans going to **** in a handbasket....I've been there many times! Hope that you're feeling much better! I'm definitely doing Valentine's on a budget this year- as in baking special cookies for my husband and kiddies and then cooking a nice shrimp dinner Saturday. Have a great Valentine's Day! :)

  3. slugmama Says:

    Hope your recovery is fast and complete.
    You were missed....

  4. Thank you! I'm feeling much better now - and ready to get the holiday started.

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