To get so much for so little!

I feel like I damned near robbed Meijer blind - and grabbed some stuff that I (and my sis) needed anyway! How often does that happen? Not often enough, for my liking - so without further adieu - here are the deals I've hit this week:


Buy 5 boxes of participating Betty Crocker items, get a coupon for $3 OYNO. (Cannot mix and match - must be 5 of same type of product).

Bought 15 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes at $.60 each = $9.00 - received $9 in coupons!! Yippee - free tater stuff! Used 10 $.40 coupons - so I came out a little ahead on this one! That helepd with the next round of goodies-

Bought 25 boxes of Tuna Helper (my sister put out a big request for this one!) Spent $25.00 and received $15 in coupons OYNO plus $1.50 off $15 in meat (3 of those), $1.00 OYN bread purchase of $3.99 or more, plus 6-7 other OYNO of xx product.

I have $18 in coupons to go shopping with - and might pair that with the meat coupon and load the freezer up - let's hope the mark-down meat is plentiful, to make sure - I'll just go after 7 p.m. tonight (when I notice the girl marking down the meat!)


Helped myself to 6 more bags of Tyson chicken nuggets at $1.99/bag after rolling the $3 YB coupons that print out...before you've even paid for your purchase.

I plan to roll this another 3-6 times tonight...nothing like a lazy dinner - just pair this with those free Betty Crocker Potatoes and a hearty garden salad and some corn/peas/etc. A meal you can feel better about than drive-through and save your wallet too! Godo thing I'm stocked on BBQ sauce for dunkin' because this is not the best time of year to go shopping for it!!
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  1. Wow my dear great job!!! I so need to be better at coupons!

    Thanks so much for your kind words they mean a lot to me :)

  2. Precious Says:

    What a great deal on those Chicken Nuggets. I don't think that I have ever seen them so cheap.

  3. Thank you! These deals are crazy good, I'm having sooo much fun shopping, it's not even funny!

  4. BrownSugaMama75 Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Pardon my ignorance, but where do the coupons print from? Are they printed at the register once the items are scanned? Or, in the store at a kiosk, similar to CVS.

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