Got a crazy week ahead of us - between the start of Lent and free tickets to the Chicago Auto Show - I've created a meal plan with enough flexibility to accommodate the crazy schedule this week!

Monday - Enchiladas con picadillo, frijoles, arroz (ground beef/turkey enchiladas, refried beans, and rice)

Tuesday - Free tickets to the auto show - for eating at home (or if we don't - leftovers for lunches) I'll have havarti and ham paninis ready to grill with tomato basil soup on the side

Wednesday - oven roasted chicken breast, mashed potatoes, spinach salad

Thursday - chicken and gnocchi soup, Cheddar Bay biscuits, salad

Friday - cheese pizza, stuffed mushrooms

Breakfast of the week: oatmeal and cereal
Dessert of the week: Caramel cake
Lunch of the week: Chinese takeout leftovers, rice and beans, and chicken salad
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You don't do a lent meal for Ash Wednesday then I take it?

  2. I typically don't, though this year I am planning to switch around my menu and use the havarti paninis with roasted red bell pepper (instead of ham) today since we didn't get to use that plan for yesterday - we got home too late from the Auto Show.

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