My Auntie Pat was born in October. I will remember that until my dying day. Her husband, Uncle Bill, was normally a gruff man, but he celebrated the entire month of her birthday, in October, with a gift each day for her. The gifts may have been something small, but the sentiment behind it was huge - and for me, a new way to celebrate life's little steps.

Now that I'm married, my husband and I celebrate each other's birth month, mine being September, his in November. For our month, we get to pick which restaurants to go to, what entertainment venues to check out, and get small gifts throughout the month from each other. The gifts are simple, he replaced my windshield wipers, brought me home flowers, and even gave me a footrub. For him, it's a back rub, I'll bake him the Cinnamon Roll Brownies, and often, a new package of socks.

As we wind our way through the fall, we go to many of the sights that are too crowded, too hot, or too expensive in the summer. Last year we toured the Morton Arboretum, 2 trips to the Chicago Botanical Gardens, apple picking, raspberry picking, went to lots of movies (we saved up our stack of punch cards for that!), ate homemade pizza, and drove through the countryside (as much of that as you can find around here, anyway) to enjoy the changing colors of fall. For us, the birth month is something to look forward to year round.

This year, as we start into my birth month, I'm looking forward to some little perks and some pampering. I'll kick it off tomorrow with a pedicure (at the local beauty school, for less than $10!), dinner with my sister (I get to do that about 3 times a year), and tons of berry picking - which will be free (as it's in Amy's Organic Garden - Amy is the sister I'm looking forward to have dinner with). Hubby is already outlining which restaurant(s) he wants to go to during his birth month - with this economy, it's never been cheaper to eat out! I love all the deals discounts, and delectable bargains we've been able to try.

Any ideas of how I should celebrate my birth month? I'd love some new ideas!
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  1. Chicago Mom Says:

    For a frugal yet fun trip, head downtown to the Michigan & Wacker Bridgehouse Museum which is only $3.00 per person (SW corner). If you go on the 26th around 9am you will see all the bridges lift for the first sailboats trips down the Chicago River to get out of the lake before winter! I can't believe I've lived here my whole life and never witnessed it, but we are taking our daughter this year.

  2. Great idea! I love being by the water and I simply adore our windy city!

  3. What an amazing idea! I love it now to get Rick on board ... LOL.

    What a great idea to go to the beauty college for a cheap pedi, I've never thought of that. We'll have to check out some restaurants, for deals :).

  4. I got Hubby on board with this after we celebrated his birth month - he got hooked on being able to pick out all the fun stuff - all month long. And when you have atight budget, it makes it so much easier to pick what to do, the money narrows down the choices. It's a win-win all over.

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