This week is more like a half week, since we're visiting family in Minnesota for the holiday weekend and leaving on Friday. here's what going on for my week:

Monday: Leftover chili and brats, corn on the cob
Tuesday: Mini-date
Wednesday - Ham and swiss on a ciabatta roll (free at Target), apple slices, kettle chips, chili (it's like Panera without spending $25 dollars!)
Thursday - Homemade pizza, topped with Italian sausage and cremini mushrooms
Friday - On the road to Minnesota
Won't be home until Tuesday!
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  1. SonyaAnn Says:

    I've been following your lead and we are having mini-dates, too! You are a genius!

  2. How've you been enjoying them? I love mini-dates!

  3. SonyaAnn Says:

    We have been coupon dating. There has been some pretty good coupons for lunches. Its been so long since we have had any extra money that we are just overjoyed to do something.

  4. We do lots of coupon-dating, too! Are you sure you're not my long-lost sister?? DH is great at finding dining deals across the area - he only wished was more time for more places!

  5. SonyaAnn Says:

    We may be sisters. God help mom! ;) I got a coupon for Applebee's I think its a 2 for $10 sort of lunch. We are going to check this one out. And the quick dates are definitely helping our relationship. Not that its bad, just sometimes we forget about "us." But you know this already, don't you.

  6. Your homemade pizza sounds yummy.

  7. Mini-dates are a god-send for us. It's nice to get out of the house, away from the TV/video games/housework, and feel like people - real people, not grunges, lackeys, and servants we normally feel like!

  8. Together We Save - homemade pizza - one of life's little luxuries.

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