This is going to be a crazy week at work, my organization is having their summer board of director's meeting - all weekend long, so I expect some longer days/nights leading up to the meeting. I tried to tailor the menu to easy to make meals, since I won't have time to do any real cooking!

Monday - dinner at DaMama's
Tuesday - Chicken alfredo (using leftover grilled chicken and jarred Alfredo sauce)
Wednesday - ground turkey tacos with red bell pepper, beans, chips, and salsa
Thursday - Swiss & Mushroom Omelets, hashbrowns, raisin toast, and juice
Friday - Italian style chicken salad sammies, cheese cubes, and juice
Saturday - Date night! Or I just collapse on the floor when I finally get home...whichever comes first.
Sunday - Sausage on the grill, corn on the cob, fresh strawberries, rice, tortillas
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