Ever been out shopping and get tempted by those delicious looking frozen breakfast sandwiches or get tempted by fast-food breakfast? I do. I’m a total sucker for it, I’m ashamed to admit. I used to justify my every-other-week fix by saying – well, I don’t have the time to make a decent breakfast (though I could get up earlier – perish the thought), I couldn’t make a biscuit that tastes that good (probably because I try to make them healthy – and they taste like crap), or – my all-time favorite – I deserve it (but my thighs keep screaming that I don’t, I really don’t deserve what I’m doing to them).

I have finally found a way to end the internal argument. It does not involve getting up earlier. It doesn’t involve making more crappy biscuits, and yes, if you try to make a basic biscuit healthy, it tastes funny. It’s just not a biscuit at that point. Seriously. My thighs will thank me for discovering this simply, flavorful alternative – and so will my wallet.

What could inspire such a turn around for me? Could you believe a simple bagel did the trick? Not the frozen ones, not the pre-packaged ones – the huge, plump, fresh, 5” wide bagels with the fresh herbs, cheese, and spices used. And the bargain price I paid for those: 6/$1.99. It was cheaper than buying the pre-packaged ones. And the best part is – they’re big enough to last for 2 meals. Nope, I’m not kidding.

At Dominick’s the other day, I grabbed an assortment of 6 large bagels and decided to see how well that idea panned out. After taking one deep breath of the aromatic scents before me, I grabbed 2 sweet onion bagels, 2 egg bagels, and 2 everything bagels. I’ve only had one of the sweet onion bagels topped with scrambled eggs (with mozzarella cheese mixed in) and I was in heaven. The bagel is so big and plump, half of it topped with scrambled eggs was more than enough for a flavor-filled breakfast – and so much more affordable than its fast-food counterpart.

At $.33 per bagel, $.99 per dozen eggs, and $.28 cheese left from that Kraft cheese Catalina sale last winter/spring – I can have breakfast for only $.55 for 1 whole bagel, or only 27.5 cents per serving. A simple sausage biscuits typically will cost a $1 or more across this area, so I have found a much more affordable alternative, and the amount of fat in a serving of my new breakfast sammie: 6 grams. I know fast-food or frozen can’t beat those numbers – not on price and certainly not on fat grams. The best part of this, no more internal arguments – priceless!
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  1. Chicago Mom Says:

    Your breakfast creation sounds delicious! And what a great price for it too. My (sad) breakfast is usually eating whatever my daughter has left on her plate. lol

  2. At least you're eating something for breakfast!

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