Saturday was a hop & shop kind of day. Jewel had their generic cereals on sale for $.99 a box, Arm & Hammer laundry detergent onsale for 2/$5, and StarKist Tuna for 2/$1. After numerous transactions - mostly on Saturday - and filling the back of my car, DaMama & I ended up with:

64 boxes of cereal (limit 4 per person)
16 bottles of Arm & Hammer (Limit 2 per person)
32 cans of tuna (Limit 2 per person)

And rainchecks for 16 additional boxes of cereal as well as 12 more bottles of Arm & Hammer.

After all that shopping, I was ready for a nap! But dinner and a movie with DH was even better. We went to see The Proposal, used our free movie passes - tickets cost us $0! Dinner was late, so we grabbed some tacos fresco from Taco Bell for $8.84. And we snuck in an caramel apple empanada. Dinner, dessert, and a movie for under $10! Now, there's some date night savings.

Now, I'm gearing up for the Jewel deal: spend $30, get $15 in cats on select Knorr/B.C./etc. products. Let's see what kind of cheapies & freebies I can load up on!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Hi, Annie. Good luck with the catalina deal at Jewel. I tried it yesterday, and got very frustrated. My closest Jewel had the shelf prices wrong--everything rang up lower than I expected (before swiping my Jewel card). I was scrambling for items at the last minute. Also, I think there were some good coupon matches in yesterday's paper. Good luck!

  2. Thanks - I had some problems with it already this morning. Will simply return the stuff and re-purchase - and will grab loads of filler items. That deal with the Knorr Sides is too good to pass up. Glad to know I'm not the only one having problems.

  3. Frances Says:

    Great deals! I wish we could get that price for tuna! I miss cheap tuna!

  4. I haven't had tuna on hand for months - I was waiting for a decent deal to present itself!

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