Ever gone into a store, sans coupons, and been amazed at the prices, freshness, and overall friendliness of the place? That happens to me each and every time I go to Caputo's. I love the simple layout of the store, the great prices on fresh produce, and how amazingly fresh everything is. Never a bad experience there, except with internet coupons - but I digress.

Last night, I couldn't hold myself back - everything looked fabulous! So I greedily grabbed 3 bulbs of bulk garlic. I still can't get over how affordable it is to shop there - which is a first coming from me! Next I meandered passed the baby carrots, then stopped dead in my tracks. A 2 lb. bag for $.79. Yep, and smaller 12 oz. bags for 3/$1. I would have been totally remiss if I didn't grab some - for the office and for home. So, naturally - I did. I just about tripped over my jaw when I saw the organic celery for $.79 and the most beautiful cucumbers for 3/$1. My cart was filling up quicker than you could say cheese - but we'll get to that in a minute.

Over at fruit, the golden delicious apples were shiny and fresh and $.69 lb. 3/$1 lbs. of bananas, and my personal favorite - $.79 lb. extra large red bell peppers. I grabbed 3 of those - I simply could not resist. Over at salad mix, I grabbed a bag of Tender Lettuce mix for $.50. With all the cheap/free salad dressing I have, this will pair nicely. Very nicely.

For some reason, my hungry feet guided me over to the cheese where there was 6 oz. blocks of Natural Jack Mediterranean cheese. Somehow, 3 of those jumped in the cart, but at least I remembered the milk that I was supposed to get. Thank goodness for small miracles! Good cheese is always a miracle - especially when I think back to the days of Velveeta - and we (as children) were excited to get that. How times have changed! Before couponing and hounding, cheese was a luxury item - now, it's a basic staple and I keep at least 6 varieties on hand at all times. Right now, I probably have more like 8-10 kinds. Not that I'm complaining...not even a bit! or in my case, a bite.

So, what am I having for lunch/snacking on this week:

Apples and peanut butter
Banana split (using free ice cream and some leftover coconut, pecans, walnuts in my pantry)
Salad - topped with real bacon and croutons, with parmesan cheese and ham, or just straight out of the bag
Baby carrots and celery sticks with roasted red pepper ranch dip - thanks to Lisa B for the recipe! (I add half of a large
red bell pepper, finely diced, roasted preferrably, to this dip. It tastes like heaven!)
Cheese and crackers - with a salad and an apple - this is my lunch today!

Before I go off in search of one or more of these tasty snacks to devour, I better grab my breakfast - or lunch will be gone in minutes!

What are you snacking on this week? I'd love some good ideas!!
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  1. Precious Says:

    We love salsa and chips, cut up veggies and dill dip and cheese and crackers. Right now we are eating reduced fat Cheez It's that I bought for the Rebate.

  2. I love chips and salsa. Yum! Cheese and crackers has been a lunch item for me for the last few weeks.

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