As the temperatures hit the 90's and the humidity has done things to my naturally frizzy, oops - I mean curly hair, I can't help but think these are the days meant for napping. Or lying in a shady spot with a good book, the scent of summer fruit and the tang of an open BBQ drifting on the breeze. These are the days for enjoying.

I am not a summer person - nowhere near, in fact. For the months of July and August, all I can do is dream of having a bungalow in NewFoundland, some great books, my bead collection, and a pile of great movies. For entertaining, all I need is some good basic meat to grill with, a pile of spices, some summer fruits (peach and mango, here I come!), and mountains of corn on the cob. With a cool breeze from the ocean (or so I imagine it) and a slower pace of life, it sounds like heaven on earth to me. Or to the me that's spent 30 minutes sitting at a standstill in traffic this morning, feeling my hair beginning to frizz (again!), and only is out in fresh air from the walk to and from the car, into work, home, store, etc. I'm not cut out for these humid, stuffy, days.

Back to reality, my pantry is fully stocked and my freezer is full to bursting, now I can finally take a bit of a break from shopping, which is easy to say until the next big deal hits. With the exception of produce, milk, and eggs - I'm pretty well set-up on all the basics I need, the little luxuries I want, and everything in between. Typically, when the deals dry up in Septmeber and October, I just live off what I've already amassed - which at this point, is somewhat substantial.

As I sit here, seeing the leaves on the trees drooping in the sun and dry, brown grass that crunches underfoot, I can't help but be grateful that I don't have to spend a lot of time in the heat, instead, I'll keep reading my latest book, East of the Sun. Nothing is more entrancing than losing yourself in the lives on someone else, especially when you are so drained by the heat.

How have you been keeping yourself busy during the dog days of summer?
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  1. I am commited to have a garden next year. All these other bloggers have made me jealous.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I too, have frizzy, er, I mean curly hair. So I feel ya.
    I have to say I love the hot weather. I'm just the opposite. I hide when its cold and dream about melting in the sun. I need to live on the equator. But my hub and kids love cooler weather. Hubs keeps saying that one day I will find him fighting the dog to curl up next to the nice cold toilet.

  3. I need to do the garden thing next year, too. Though I'm not the best with plants, I can usually grow tomatoes.

    SonyaAnn - I'm your polar opposite! I adore colder weather. I love autumn, the crisp, tart coolness - and winter is great....except for driving in the snow. That I could definitely do without. But it is so much fun to look at and play in.

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