I've been getting mroe and mroe excited as my mother's (DaMama) 64th birthday gets closer. My sister and girlfriend are driving down from Minnesota - more than 550 - for the occasion, as naturally, we're trying to do this weekend as affordably (and fun) as we can. Here are some of the things I've already done in the way of hounding down a birthday weekend:

1. Classic Cinemas offers punch cards, for every ticket purchased, 1 punch on your card. Well, I've got 2 full cards for free admission - couple that with early bird specials ($5 matinees) and we've got a movie for 4 for only $10.

2. BOGOF coupon to Mongolian BBQ - our favorite, create-your-own stirfry place. Added bonus: comes with soup and salad bar and we'll have lunch there instead of dinner.

3. A day in Chicago - on the cheap. Yes, this can be done - if you've got a plan....which I naturally happen to have. An afternoon at Navy Pier, a ride of the Ferris Wheel, and dinner at Nuevo Leon - inarguably the best Mexican restaurant in Chicago, located in the Pilsen neighborhood. The prices there are amazing - average plate is $5.75-$7.00. Can't eat in the city anywhere cheaper than that, not even McDonald's! Our biggest expense will be parking. Can't avoid that one - it's cheaper to drive 5 of us than take the Metra (train).

4. Do-it-yourself or beauty school pedicures. It's only $8-$12 a head at the beauty school, less I'm sure if we do it at home, but far better than paying salon prices ($45+ around here!) It's like 4 for the price of 1! And last time, they gave me a free bottle of polish (the good stuff). Lovin' it!

5. Have coupons for over a dozen eateries in the area, from Lonestar Steakhouse to Applebees from Steak 'n' Shake to Sweet Tomatoes. We'll be covered on the dining portion of this weekend.

Now, I just can't wait for them to get here!!
Do you have any tips for entertaining on a budget? I'd love any suggestions you have!
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  1. Alex M Says:

    Well, it's my birthday this weekend and I was going to use a certificate, but the place we usually goes now automatically adds on an 18% gratuity!

    Hubby knows that one of my favorite foods is birthday cake, so one thing he *always* does, is buy me one.

    I have to come up with a new cheap solution!

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