Today I've grabbed another:
2 bottles Ragu pasta sauce
2 bottles Suave body wash
1 500 ct. box Q-tips
2 tubes Colgate toothpaste
1 can Shoppers Value tomato paste
1 can Shoppers value tomato sauce

OOP = $1.34
Saved: $13.42
Catalina left to spend: $20

All in a day's hounding!

Can't wait to see what my weekly totals on these items are!!
2 Responses
  1. slugmama Says:

    You are doing fabulous this week!

    Acme is having some great Cats now too but the weather is bad here and I'd have to drive an hour away in it to get the deals so I am sitting these deals out.....and it's just KILLING ME!LOLOL

    Can't wait to see your weekly totals!

  2. I hope the weather clears up for you soon!

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