While I shopped myself silly last weekend - and the deals at Dominicks were so crazy good, they were the: I-saved-$115.xx-got-52-items-filled-an-entire-grocery-cart-and-the-back-of-my-Saturn kind of good. Now, the shopping has (momentarily) died down and it feels so strange. I haven't gone properly shopping (the kind that requires me to use more than one coupon) in more than 4 days! I am seriously in withdrawal.

It feels so strange... (Yes, I know, I said that before, but it bears repeating.) Like I'm going about my routine and missing something. Not that I have tons more free time - I just have visits with DaMama, working, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, working, wishing I could take a nap, filling out more paperwork, working, etc. to keep me busy. Did I mention work was keeping me busy? I work in the office of a small non-for-profit (there are only 5 of us in the office) and my work load has doubled overnight after they let one of my coworkers go back in February. While I'd love nothing more than a walk around the artificial water-thingy (I don't know if it's called a pond, an estuary, a mini-lake, or a water feature, etc...), I'm stuck trying to unbury my desk from the never ending avalanche of projects that keep threatening to go all Colorado-mountain big-snow(paper)-avalanche on me and I won't be found until mid-July. Or whenever the spring thaw happens to be.

All I want to do is grab my box-envelope-coupon-organizer full of coupons and escape into the world of deals. I guess this is a couponer's form of Spring Fever. When the deals start slowly popping up like the first blades of grass in the spring, warming to the sunshine (or to the box of coupons stashed in my car), and the longer hours of daylight inspire me to get out more, use more coupons, and generally - get back to the life I think I have waiting for me out there somewhere.

Anyone else experiencing Spring Fever? What are the warning signs that Spring Fever is upon you?
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