This past weekend has been a whirlwind, ferris wheel ride of a time! I am still aching from the miles we walked in Chicago, in the 'burbs, in stores, everywhere!! How did I do at going into the city on the cheap? Well - it wasn't easy, but here it goes:

Parking at Navy Pier versus 5 people taking the train and a cab: saved $31 or more than 58%
Dinner at Nuevo Leon $49.xx for 5 people, plus a meal to go. Very good price seeing as we were dining in Chicago at one of the 10 best Mexican resturants the city has to offer. And their mole sauce.....too yummy!
Parking at Nuevo Leon $2.00. Still a lot cheaper than a taxi taking us back and forth.

Lunch for 4 at Sweet Tomatoes $38.41 (saved $11.89 using a coupon and going for lunch rather than dinner)
Movies - Alice in Wonderland (3-D) $15.00 for 4 people (saved $21.00 by going during the matinee showing and by using some filled movie punch cards I had been saving for just this occasion - skipped the snacks because we were all so stuffed from Sweet Tomatoes!)
Browsing at books (Goodwill) - saved hundreds over retail price and grabbed 9 more titles for my summer reading!

This week, it's back to scrimping and saving - have to make up for that big budget weekend somehow! No regrets, a good time was had by all for DaMama's 64th birthday.

Meal Plan:

Wednesday: Bean and rice tacos, salad
Thursday - Spaghetti al marinara, french bread
Friday - Cheese pizza, salad
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Easter dinner at DaMama's - must find out what dish I need to bring...
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  1. 'm glad you had a good time! And those prices paid are great for Chicagoland.

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