I'm only planning for half the week, as my sister, Amy, and a mututal friend are coming down from Minnesota to surprise my mom (aka DaMama) for her 64th birthday. We've been meticulously planning for this weekend for a many months now, I can't believe it's almonst here!!! As it will be a busy weekend, and there are many places to go and restaurants to sample, I won't be planning any meals past Thursday, instead I have all the basic ingredients on hand to make most of the family favorites, and a few of my classic dishes.

To say I'm excited for my sister and friend to get here is an understatement!

Monday - Pan-Seared Pork Chops, baked potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms in a Parmesan Sauce, salad

Tuesday - Grilled (if I can talk DH into grilling, that is) teriyaki chicken thighs, rice, cinnamon apples

Wednesday - Ginger Pork Stirfry, egg rolls, rice

Thursday - Brats, hashbrowns, salad, leftover cinnamon apples

Lunch of the week: Sammies! We have oodles of free bologna and salami and some cheese on hand, I'll boil some noodles and toss with jarred sauce for a second choice.

Dessert of the week: Blueberry Almond Bars (I'll bake those tonight while I'm in the kitchen anyway.)

Breakfast of the week: Oatmeal and cereal, apples and peanut butter. Simple, but we work with what we have. And yesterday, I scored 15 boxes of Post Honey Bunches of Oats (assorted varieties) for less than $3!! I doubt any cashier would ask what was for breakfast in my household! LOL.

Want more meal planning ideas? Check out these other ladies over at for links to dozens of other meal plans!!
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