This summer, I have been focusing on building meal with ingredients that are:

1. In-season
2. Locally grown
3. Affordable

So far, this has resulted in an bevy of new recipes for me - some of which have stayed in my rotation rather frequently. With each week or so, I'm trying to add another new in-season produce pick to my meals. So far, DH & I are loving it. From summer fruit based salsas to light-as-air desserts options, we've been tasting all the season has to offer. Right now, peaches and berries are taking a primetime spot on our meal plan rotation.

Over the weekend, I'm planning to grill some lovely peaches, toss plump, ripe strawberries into a mixed green salad, and whip up a sweet fruit salad to go along side some light and lowfat bars, to balance out some of the heartier fare on offer. Barbeques don't have to be all about the heavy potato salad, piles of meat, and chips and dip. With all the fruits and veggies in season, it's a shame not to put them to use! Here are some of my favorite creations with all the yummy in-season produce we have to pick from:

Some of my favorite recipes so far this summer:
Peach Salsa
Boston Spinach Salad
10 Minute Fruit Salad
Summer Peach and Almond Bars
Sweet Nectarine Lemonade

Tell me: Does your family change their eating habits in the summer? What are your go-to recipes on a sultry summer day? I'd love some delicious inspiration!
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  1. Burrowing In Says:

    One of our favorites is farmer's market kabobs seasoned with tikka boti spices! We only eat meat twice a week, but you could always add some chicken, shrimp, or beef to those kabobs. Whole grain pasta salad with chickpeas or kidney beans and tons of farmer's market finds chopped into bits.

  2. Ummm....that sounds good!

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