Nothing makes me feel on track on a Monday morning like getting my meal plan together. After a quick inventory of the freezer and pantry yesterday, our meals are full of possibility!

Monday: Chicken, mushroom, and gnocchi soup, french bread, salad
Tuesday: Tostadas with all the fixin's
Wednesday: Garlic Chicken and Pepper stirfry, brown rice
Thursday: French bread pizzas with marinara dipping sauce and salad
Friday: Taste of Chicago (or if the weather is miserable - grilled cheese with fruit salad)
Saturday: TBD
Sunday - Happy 4th of July!! Going to BBQ!
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  1. Precious Says:

    YUM! I would love your garlci chicken stir fry recipe. I am making chicken stir fry tonight.

  2. I've linked you to my recipe! Hope you like it.

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