It was such a busy weekend, I forgot about the meal plan until today. But, that's okay - with loads of yummy leftovers from a small BBQ we had at our home for our parents, we have plenty of quick and easy meals out of some of my favorite basics. Here's what cookin'!

Tuesday: Harvarti & deli-sliced pork grilled cheese sammies, simple salad
Wednesday: French Bread Pizza topped with provolone, bell pepper, mushroom, and parmesan, served with compote of fresh peaches, raspberries, and a hint of sweet coconut
Thursday: DH's buttery chicken nuggets, chicken rice, fruit salad
Friday: Taco's with all the fixin's, tortilla chips, peach salsa
Saturday: Leftovers or sammies - DH's choice
Sunday: Grillin'! If the weather permits

Lunch of the week: leftover hotdogs, burgers, BBQ chicken drummies, red rice, mashed potatoes

Snack of the week: Whole grain tortilla chips with peach salsa

Breakfast of the week: Cereal, yogurt, fruit
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