I was organizing my fridge (after wishing and praying for it to happen automatically and nothing doing) and noticed I have a bit of a collection of coffee creamers. From Belgian chocolate to honey vanilla to Southern Butter Pecan to Parisian Almond to Sweet Italian cream - I have loads of fresh, funky flavors to play with! Not that I'm complaining - I'm most certainly not, most of them were free and the rest were moneymakers -so no problems there. The only question is: what alternative uses are there for them? Here are the ones I've found:

1. Use in hot tea instead of coffee

2. Use in brownies to replace the milk - gives them an awesome hint of flavor!

3. Use in French toast to replace half the milk used to make the mixture you dip the bread in - did this Tuesday and watched a mountain of French toast quickly disappear.

4. The obvious - use in hot coffee (which I'm not the biggest fan of)

5. Use in cookies, cakes, etc. - any baked sweet that has a small amount of milk or water called for in the recipe. I usually add an extract to compliment the flavor of the coffee creamer.

What other uses do you have for all the deals on coffee creamer? I'm sure there are some aawesome ideas out there I can incorporate with the different flavors I have! I'm open to almost any experimentation out there - so please, tell me: what do you do with free coffee creamer?
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  1. Amiyrah Says:

    I just did a post on this a few months ago and listed most, if not all, of those ideas! We don't drink coffee here but I still buy it specifically for these purposes. If you need some more ideas, I think a few of my readers left some in the comments section of the post:

  2. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I just can't pass up those deals.

  3. Precious Says:

    PH, I love the brownie and French Toast ideas! Thanks for posting them!

  4. Just dropping by from my blog party! I subscribe by rss google reader. If there's a giveaway count me in!

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