DH & I moved into a great 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse last spring and have been slowly getting things to finish our new space. The dressers we had at the last house were in bad condition (Ikea-made and falling apart), so we offered those up for free on craigslist and found takers for both - but we have been fueling more money to our savings and haven't found a dresser that we liked enough to pay for. Luckily, my in-laws were looking to get rid of a simple 6-drawer, white dresser that they no longer had space for. It works perfectly for us. It fits in the closet, right under the shelves and clothing bar. It even matches the same (boring...) white style that's already in place. I love it! And I won't have to keep hunting for my socks - an even bigger bonus.

Also, they bought new living-room furniture (from the same place we did a few months back), and were kind enough to offer us their old stuff, since we were looking for basement furniture. Unfortunately, the big sofa won't even fit down our basement stairs (we've listed that on craigslist now to see if we can find a new home for it), and I'm sure by next week, the sofa will have found a new home and we'll have added some dollars to our furniture fund. We've also added a coffee table (that I hope to be able to give to my sister next time she comes to visit), and a reading chair for the master bedroom.

I'm slowly seeing the home come together. This morning, DH & I went to Menards to grab some replacement shelves for our big bookcases - the cheap particle-board was warping from the weight of actual books, so they had to be replaced. For less than the cost of a single bookshelf - we've made 3 bookshelves fully functional again. The best part? Being able to find the book I want when I actually want to read it!

All these home improvements and we haven't even spent $50! And, we're keeping stuff out of the trash, garbage, landfill, etc. etc. etc. It feels good to save money and help the planet - even if it's only on a small scale. For our entertainment tonight, we're off to Half-Price Books and I'll see what good reads I can snap up in the clearance section - why buy a book new when it reads just the same when its used?

How has your weekend been? Any good projects done on the cheap? Any planet-saving tips to share?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever thought of adding pictures to your posts? It might make them a little more interesting.

  2. Burrowing In Says:

    K. That was just mildly rude.

    Good for you, Ann! I love finding pieces that I can rehabilitate and give a loving home!

  3. Thanks, I was thinking it was a tad rude as well. There's nothing more satisfying than making something really work for you.

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