It's that time of the week again - I've (quickly) eyed what's left in our fridge for meal-building and this should be a pretty easy week. With lots of cheese, deli meat, salad fixin's, leftover grilled chicken - I'm looking at tons of meal options without spending hours in the kitchen - it doesn't get better than that!

Monday - Pizza! Topped with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and smoked provolone. We didn't get to this last week, so it's been rolled over to today. No complaints here!

Tuesday - Chicken club sammies on Italian bread, salad, and oven roasted potatoes (leftover from last week)

Wednesday - Angel hair parmesan with grilled chicken (the pasta comes courtesy of Pasta-Roni and is tossed with leftover grileld chicken), garden salad

Thursday - dinner at DaMama's

Friday - Tortas Cubana, fresh fruit, and chips and guacamole

Saturday - Date Night on the Dollar (We have a $20 budget for date this week - let's see how much fun we can have on the cheap!)

Sunday - Caribbean Jerk Pork Chops on the grill, fried rice, mandarin orange slices, and tortillas (whether permitting for the grilling, of course)

Dessert of the week: Oatmeal Island Cookies

Lunch of the week: Grilled chicken with rice or sammies

Breakfast of the week: Blueberry bagels (on sale at bread thrift shop for $.75 for a 5 ct. pkg.!), cereal
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