The Jewel Lawry's catalina is officially rolling - I bought my first 2 transactions worth on my way to work this morning - while there was still some teriyaki on the shelf - but, not for long! The Herb & Garlic was already empty, so there must be other houds in my vicinity that picked it clean of that flavor long before I got to the store.

Here's what I spent:
4 Lawry's Marinades
-$.50/1 Q
Spent: $3.23
Saved: $9.32

Transaction #2
4 Lawry's Marinades
-$3.00 OYNO cat that printed out from the first order
OOP: $1.10 (I hate how high the taxes are!)
Saved: $11.52

Total OOP: $4.33
Total Saved: $20.84

I can live with that. I hope to get another 12-16 bottles - to get me stocked up for the BBQ season again! My supply from last year is pretty sparce - just a few of te funkier flavors left (Mesquite Lime, Mexican Chile & Lime, etc.). All my basics are gone: teriyaki, garlic & herb, lemon pepper, etc.
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