I've got tons of bread on hand this week, so that will form nearly half the meals that I'm making. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate for grilling this past weekend - so, I have to start from scratch on meals this week. Here's how it's looking:

Monday: Garlic baked chicken, angel hair pasta, garlic bread, salad
Tuesday: Ginger Stirfry, fried rice (this has quickly become a staple in our meal rotation)
Wednesday: Fancy French Toast, fresh fruit, ham, juice
Thursday: Homemade pizza, salad, garlic bread
Friday: Spaghetti, garlic bread
Saturday: DH's turn to cook (and plan!)
Sunday: TBD

Breakfast of the week: Cereal, bananas, egg sammies (with Sourdough English muffins), yogurt, granola bars

Lunch of the week: Sandwiches! And for some variety, I'll boil some pasta tonight to toss with jarred sauce to give us some choices.

Dessert of the week: Brownies
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  1. Ohhh this sounds like my kind of week! I think I may have to do a few of the same ones :)

  2. Precious Says:

    That stir fry has my mouth watering! Thanks for the recipe!

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