Just a few thoughts for a flavorful weekend:

1. It's easy to order a pizza, but a homemade pizza (even with a not-so-homemade crust) is so much tastier! And, you don't get charged extra for the toppings...

2. In the mood for some awesome sammies? Check out this post on my other blog, Chicago's Cookbook on making your own deli meat at home. The difference is in the price and the flavor!

3. Feeling a little lazy? Take a cake mix, and turn it into a fabulous batch of bars. The amazing thing? This is a lowfat recipe, sure to tantalize your tastebuds at every turn. And, who doesn't have a few cake mixes laying around?

Double Chocolate Brownies
Vanilla Nut Swirl Bars

4. A simple smoothie is but a blender away! Add your favorite fruit, yogurt, juice, and splash of milk and you've got a great, healthy dessert that you and your kids can enjoy!

5. Treat some valuable time at home. With all the rushing around during the week, it's time to relax, kick back, play a board game, talk to your family, read a book/magazine/newspaper until the fireflies are twinkling in the yard. Then, it's time to go catch some! No fireflies yet? Watch a movie that you've been meaning to see. There is always something fun to do!

What are your Flavorful Friday favorites?
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