I found Whopper Robin Eggs at Dominicks for $.99 a bag!
Also on sale: select varieties of Hershey's for $1.99 a bag - check eawch item carefully as some are $2.99-$3.50 each, so watch what you grab and keep an eye out on them at the registers.

Also grabbed 2 bags of Ritz Toasted Chips - these are heavenly, I've had all but original and loved each flavor! On sale for $2 a bag - use $1/2 expired coupon from the back to school coupon books I found back in August.

Now, I just have to see what I can put together for the Easter basket!
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  1. LOL I so need to put together some baskets for the boys. UGH one more thing ... lol

    Thanks for stopping by :)

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