Summer snacking and lunches: here we come! Jewel is running a $25 get $10 OYNO sale this week on ConAgra products. The tomatoes aren't much of a deal (regular price of $1.20 - on sale for $1 - I want a bigger price spread than that to make it worth my while), but the popcorn and soup sure are! Here's what I got:

Transactions 1-4
13 cans Healthy Choice soup (14-15 oz.) regular price $2.00 - on sale 10 for $10, get the 11th item free
Total = $12.04 - get $10 OYNO
Total spent: $18.16 - plus $10 OYNO coupon
Saved: $132.12

Transaction 5-8
7 Orville Redenbacher popcorn (cheddar, light, movie theater, butter flavors work for sure) regular price $3.59 - on sale for $1.69
$2.14 per transaction - I just rolled the coupon in to the next order.
Total OOP: $8.56
Total Saved: $91.96
plus one $10 OYNO coupon still in my pocket!!

Total Spent at Jewel: $26.72 for 80 items or $.33 per item.
Total saved: $224.08

Butera has some crazy good deals going on, too, right now to celebrate the re-grand opening or remodeling or something like that of one of their stores - I couldn't pass up:

(all are limit one unless otherwise indicated)
$.99 a gallon milk
$.99 64 oz. Dean's Orange Juice
$.39 dozen large eggs (Limit 2)
$3.99 - 3 lb. bag frozen chicken breast (limit 2)
$.29 lb. bananas - (limit 2 bunches)
$1.99 lb. boneless beef rump or rolled pork roast (no limit) - I grabbed one (I'll roast it and slice it with my meat slicer for some amazing deli meat)
BOGOFree Margarine (no limit) $1.05
3/$1 Hass avocados (limit 6)
$.99 head lettuce

Total Spent $27.16
Total Saved: $21.74

Total OOP: $53.88
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