I'm hosting a Mother's Day Brunch this year - and I'm getting so excited! I've never hosted a true "brunch" before, so I've evaluated a few of my favorite recipes, grabbed some amazing ideas off the food network (naturally...I love that channel!), and I think I'm ready to tackle this event. It was hard trying to narrow down my choices, but in the end - I think I've paired a few rich and savory favorites with a few sweet and light options.

Most of my hosting experience lies with holiday dinners (rich and traditional favorites), backyard BBQ's (tons of easy options in that category), or smallish dinner parties (just whip out an old favorite or two with some nice bread and salad), so creating the menu has been challenging - I don't want the meal to be too heavy, but I don't want anyone going home unsatisfied.

So, tell me - how does this sound? I've also itemized how much this brunch will cost - and if these seems like a lot of options, I've invited my mother, DH's mother, DH's aunts (3-4 of them), DH's grandmother, and their families. The exact number is around 18-22 people. I won't know until Thursday-Friday how many people to expect.

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (will post this recipe tomorrow - have to find it first)

Boston Spinach Salad $3.15

Tea Sandwiches $1.67

Munster and Sausage Frittata $2.62 (will make a double batch)

Hashbrowns $1.80 (will make a double batch)

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones $2.12

Banana Nut Bread $1.83

Grapes ($2.00)
Fresh strawberries ($1.50)
Coffee, tea, juice = $8.00

I'm currently at $24.69 for this entire meal (not including soup), but if I don't need to double up on some recipes, I'll make the soup - it's rich, but a little goes a very long way. It would pair nicely with the tea sandwiches and the salad, and the white chocolate raspberry scones - I think those will steal the show! Ever since I learned how to make scones - they've been at the top of my favorites list! Elegant, sweet, and savory - here's hoping this event will be a success!

So tell me, what are you doing for your mother or what do you hope someone is doing for you on Mother's Day?
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  1. Frances Says:

    Oh my goodness! Your menu sounds fabulous! I am so excited to get to see my mom for Mother's Day this year. (She lives 700 miles away.) My brother will probably cook for all the mothers as that has become a wonderful tradition. (He is a GREAT cook.)

  2. Precious Says:

    I would love to attend this brunch. Your menu sounds scrumptious! What a nice thing you are doing for all of these ladies.

    I have no idea what is going on around here yet. I know we will not go out. We have done that in prior years and hated the bad food, bad service and crowds that seem to be so prevalent on holidays.

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