Have you heard that tomorrow is Stamp Out Hunger Day? What is that and what does it mean? Stamp Out Hunger is a nation-wide movement to help restock our food pantries and empower each community to help stamp out hunger. What makes it even better - your postman will be picking up donations of non-perishable items to help fill local food pantries across the country! How much easier can it get? All you have to do is put together a bag or two of non-perishables and leave them by the mailbox tomorrow.

Couponing for Community is also promoting a rally for all couponers to donate some of their well-shopped goodies to help fight hunger in your local community. All I can say is - I'm all in! Let's see if the power of couponers (and women) working together can make a difference where we need it most - locally.

Or, just share how you donate to family, friends, community, etc. to help combat hunger. Tell me - where do you donate? How do you donate? What do you prefer to donate? Is this a favorite cause of yours?

For me, I donate first to family and friends - I like to think that what I give helps keep a family or two from needing state-run services. I also donate to the food pantry monthly - my goal is to donate $5 or less in items and I mostly give freebies that I've overstocked on, though I do give family first pick of the goodies. I try to give 20-30 items each month, more when my stockpile is overflowing. I also donate unneeded household items to Goodwill - that I do seasonally (5-6 times per year or as often as I try to weed out, clean up, or make space).

For me, helping the food pantry is a very near-and-dear-to-my-heart cause. I want to see this country stamp out hunger across the nation and the only way we can do that is by working together. The greatest part to me is, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to help. As we've seen - through amazing coupon deals - it shouldn't cost us more than a few dollars. And what may seem small at first, will have a huge impact if we work together!
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